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Louis Demers

Co-Founder Animator/Game designer

Louis has been Attracted to art and video games since he was a child. He grew up with MS-Dos games and retro games. In 2015, he chose to resume his studies and live his dream to the fullest and obtained his 3D animator diploma in 2016. Since then he has worked as a freelance or for a few studios on many different games.


Paulo is a Mexican game developer. He was a professional footballer for 2 years, when that part of his life ended he decided to pursue another of his passions, gaming. He graduated from the University of Morelia as a development engineer. games in summer 2019.

During his years in college, he worked in several educational games and virtual reality experiences. Now he is focusing on games which are purely entertainment, his goal and dream is that one day someone will feel the same excitement and be blown away as they did the first time they played. at Halo. That they will have the same fun as him playing Crash Nitro Kart or any fighting game with his friends, or that they will love the storytelling and the characters like he did with The Last of Us.


Yohan Jager


Yohan Jager is classically trained, having studied piano for over 20 years while also developing a keen interests in jazz, pop and world music. Passionate about video games since he discovered the SNES as a child, he has a deep connection with classics such as Zelda, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft. In recent years he has decided to combine his two passions, vowing to give back to video games what video games have given him. In the past last years he made the music for indie games like "Pumpkin Jack" and "Mowin'& Throwin".

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